Uncertain Business

6 topics of FREE support in a time of uncertainty from The Broadroom

Our aim

…is to support business owners by bringing together ideas, information, and different perspectives.

The Broadroom is a business community that offers support, shared know-how and a smart place to ask questions. And right now, support, ideas and answers are definitely in demand!

We don’t have insights into what’s going to happen next, but we can help you see options you might not have thought of, help you to see where there could be opportunities to switch your focus, change how you work, or prioritise tasks you’d been putting off.

Given current events, we’re all asking new questions, and it’s a great reminder that these conversations are good to have any time as a business owner irrespective of what’s happening. We’re choosing to see uncertainty as an opportunity for business owners to help each other, so if you’re asking more questions than usual, let’s get you some answers!

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